Food Safety Checklist

This resource was developed collaboratively by Bon Appetit Management Company and Food Recovery Network

Personal Hygiene

  • If sick, do NOT do the recovery
  • Wash hands up to your elbows with warm water and soap before handling food
  • Wear gloves, long pants, clean clothes, closed­toe non­-slip shoes
  • Take off jewelry
  • Wear a bandage if you have a cut
  • Must have hair pulled back off shoulders and wear a hat/hairnet
  • Wash hands again after you do any of the following: use the restroom, sneeze, touch your hair, face, clothes or body, handle raw meat or eggs, bus dirty dishes, eat or drink or use cleaning chemicals
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum near prep or service areas
  • Protect food from contaminating items (staples, insects, water drippage, etc.)

Kitchen Safety

  • Stop and knock twice before opening any door to ensure no one gets hit
  • Wear slip resistant shoes if possible, be careful not to slip and fall on wet floors
  • Communicate: when turning corners or walking behind a person make sure to yell “corner” or “behind”
  • Never run in the kitchen

Controlling Time and Temperature

  • Make sure food is not left in the open uncovered between 41°F and 135°F for more than 2 hours max
  • Food from hot line ­­ Receive and hold at 135°F or above
  • Food from cold storage ­­ Receive and hold at 41°F or below
  • Check temperature when receiving using a clean and sanitized thermometer. If food is just barely inside Food Temperature Danger Zone (between 41°F and 135°F, ask a dining services representative to verify that food has not been in Danger Zone for longer than a few minutes).


  • Use safe, non-­absorbent, leak proof pans or reusable containers
  • Never put pans full of food on the ground
  • Use thermal bags to maintain hot or cold temperature of food; do not mix hot and cold food in the same bag
  • Use a clean transport vehicle; food should be isolated and nowhere near cleaning supplies, other chemicals, dirty clothes, trash, etc.
  • If ever in doubt about whether these procedures were followed, do not donate the food